We understand that everyone is anxious about Covid-19 and school attendance. Below is the reopening plan that was approved by the board. We understand that this plan may not be the best choice for everyone. We respect any decision that is made in the best interest of your family. This plan allows for preparation for both in-person and at-home learning should the situation in the community dictate a need for change.

East Link Academy is working to provide the safest option for its families. Although we know that language immersion is best learned in a face-to-face, interactive environment, we have decided to offer a virtual option as well. This is a choice for those families who want to continue language learning and want to stay connected to the school, but are not yet comfortable with returning to the building. 

Any student moving to another school or homeschool option must complete a Student Withdrawal Form

We know that families are being asked to make difficult decisions on where to send their students this fall for school. Schools, too, are adapting to the various changes that are being asked and trying to find the best option based on their resources. 

To answer some of the frequently asked questions that we have received, please click here. This list is not exhaustive and can be modified as new or more accurate information is learned. 

Reopening FAQs 



FAQ's -COVID-19 School Related 

Q: Will teachers wear masks or face coverings?

A: Teachers will be provided with a clear face shield that can be worn over a mask. A limited number of masks have been provided by the SCDE and will be available for both teachers and students.

Q: Will students have recess?

A: Yes. Students will have designated time outside, weather permitting, for recess. We will limit the number of students in the recess area at a time to allow for plenty of room to play.

Q: Will students transition to art and music?

A: Students will not transition between classes. Teachers will move back and forth between classes. This will minimize the risk of exposure and reduce the amount of cleaning and wait time between classes.

Q: Will students be required to wear masks or face coverings?

A: The following was submitted in our Reopening Plan to the district on Friday, July 31, 2020

  • Face masks and/or shields will be required of teachers, especially when in close proximity of students, such as small group sessions.
  • Face coverings are not a general requirement for students. However, face coverings may be required for special classes or situations where social distancing cannot be observed such as small group work with a teacher, transitions in the hall, or when entering or leaving the building. For this reason, we will ask students to have their own face covering at school for use should the need arise.
  • Students will be given a school issued lanyard to attach to their mask for safe keeping.
  • We will support any parent who wants their child to wear a face covering all day. Please work with your child on the expectation from home.
  • If a student is wearing a face covering incorrectly, we will remind him/her how to properly wear the face covering.

Q: Will students who choose the virtual option (Plan B) be required to stay all school year?

A: Initially, parents must commit to the first 9-weeks. You will be contacted in October about your continued decision and can move back into the school if space is available. Parents may also commit for the entire school year.

Q: What are the class sizes?

A: The class size for PK is up to 20 with a teacher and an assistant teacher. Kindergarten through grade 6 will have up to 24 students. This count will include BOTH in-person and virtual students.

Q: What if a student or teacher becomes sick? What guidelines will be followed?

A: The CDC has published guidelines for monitoring symptoms and protocols should a student or staff member think they are exposed or become sick. https://www.scdhec.gov/sites/default/files/media/document/Interim_DHEC_Guidance_for_School_Response_to_Cases_and_Contacts_of_COVID-19-7.8.20%20FINAL.pdf

Q: Will visitors be allowed in the building?

A: Outside visitors and volunteers will not be allowed in the classrooms during the school day. Any meetings must be prescheduled so that appropriate social distancing can be observed.

Q: Will students be allowed to share materials?

A: No. Students will need to provide their own materials (pencils, pens, erasers, paper, etc) as materials will not be shared in the classroom. School supply lists have been sent to parents through ParentSquare.

Q: What will the PK classroom look like?

A: Students in PK will not have a virtual option. Therefore, all students will attend school every day. We are building dividers for the tables which will allow 4 students to be seated, each having their own space. Handwashing and hand sanitizer will be conducted frequently. Students will eat in their classrooms. Parents should plan to pack lunches that can easily be opened by students.Students must bring a plastic pencil box to store their supplies at their assigned table.

Q: How are classrooms being modified?

A: Desks will be spread out as far as possible within the classroom. In addition, some classrooms are being moved to larger spaces to allow for distancing. For example, the lunch room space may be utilized as two classrooms and the PK students will now be in the art room.