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School Uniforms

Students must arrive at school dressed properly according to the ELA dress code and must remain in dress code until leaving campus. The Head of School or any other duly authorized school official has the discretion to determine the appropriateness of uniform and grooming and make special exceptions, including those for religious and medical reasons. If a student’s uniform is not appropriate for the school day, the student’s parent will be called and asked to bring the missing item to school as soon as possible.

After School Opportunities

Run Hard Upstate - Grades 3-8

Yearbook Committee

Strings Lessons

Long Fist Kung Fu


Dance Lessons

Resources for Academic

Support and Enrichment

Accelerated Reader (English)

Dreambox (Math)

Quizlet (Chinese Literacy)

IXL (Reading and Math)

iReady (Reading and Math)

Leveled Learning (Chinese)

Check with your teacher for access

Supply Lists

Supply and Instructional Fee
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