What is A charter School?

A charter school is a public nonreligious, nonhome-based school created under a nonprofit and authorized by an authorizing body under state law.  Charter Schools have more flexibility for greater accountability of student success. 


East Link

  • the newest charter school in Greenville County.

  • the only Chinese immersion school in the Upstate.

  • a link between eastern and western cultures.



East Link is now open with 4k through 6th grade for the 2020-21 school year. We will continue to grow the student body with 7th grade next year and 8th grade the following year.




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The Mission of East Link Academy is to prepare students to be language and cultural links between the West and East in order to meet the global challenges of their lifetime, by providing a rigorous education in math, science, social studies and language arts in a bilingual English-Mandarin environment.


East Link Academy is located inside the peaceful 75 acre Global Trade Center, owned by Vivian Wong, a brilliant entrepreneur and community leader. The park is located next to St. Joseph's Catholic  School, down the road from J.L. Mann High School and the new Camperdown Academy building. 

We are also 1 mile from the beautifully planned community growing up around Clemson's ICAR campus down Millenium Blvd, where Fisher Middle School is located. 
We feel very fortunate to be able to call this space home as it puts us in a central and rapidly growing area of Greenville.   This area speaks to the mission of East Link Academy with it's connections to the international community and culture, as well as it's concentration in education. 

We look forward to growing East Link Academy and its students here in this location for many years to come!



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East Link has over 15 teachers, along with support instructors and administrative staff. Please visit our STAFF DIRECTORY for more info.

YouTube VIDEO about ELA