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Welcome to East Link Academy

2020-2021 Reopening Plans Announced

Dear East Link Academy Pride Families,

We know that everyone has been anxiously waiting for a decision about the opening of school next month. While schools and districts still have some time to determine their plans, we felt it best to decide as soon as we could so that parents could make the best choice for their families and so that teachers and staff had time to prepare the best and safest return possible.

Below is the reopening plan that was approved by the board. We understand that this plan may not be the best choice for everyone. We respect any decision that is made in the best interest of your family. This plan allows for preparation for both in-person and at-home learning should the situation in the community dictate a need for change.

With this plan, the first day of school has been changed to August 24 (from August 19). This allows more time to prepare resources and allows time for state mandated LEAP days (August 17-21).

Parents will have the option to choose Plan A or Plan B. You must commit to Plan A or Plan B by July 30.

  • Plan A: 2-week hybrid with transition to 5-day in school

    • Aug 24 – 28 and Aug 31 – Sept 4 

      • Students will return 2-days in school, 2 days independent at-home, 1 day on-line check up with teachers

      • Days will be assigned

      • Siblings will be scheduled for the same days

    • Sept 8: All students will return to school 5-days per week and will follow the approved calendar.


  • Plan B: Virtual (5-days virtual only)

    • Aug 24 is the first day of school

    • Students must commit for at least 9-weeks of virtual instruction to be revisited each 9-weeks if space is allowable in the building.


  • Preschool will be in-person only. There will not be a virtual option for the PK program.

Any student moving to another school or homeschool option must complete a Student Withdrawal Form

Enrollment for the 2020/2021 SY is now on a first-come basis.

Complete the information here and we will contact you about availability. 

2020/2021 Student Commitment Survey

New families are asked to sign up for either Plan A or Plan B above. 

Use this link to select your choice.

Reopening FAQs

We know that families are being asked to make difficult decisions on where to send their students this fall for school. Schools, too, are adapting to the various changes that are being asked and trying to find the best option based on their resources. 

East Link Academy is working to provide the safest option for its families. Although we know that language immersion is best learned in a face-to-face, interactive environment, we have decided to offer a virtual option as well. This is a choice for those families who want to continue language learning and want to stay connected to the school, but are not yet comfortable with returning to the building. 

In an effort to gauge where our parents are committed, we asked families to complete the following survey. 20/21 Student Commitment


To answer some of the frequently asked questions that we have received, please click here. This list is not exhaustive and can be modified as new or more accurate information is learned. 

Reopening FAQs 

Highest Performing Elementary School in SC is located in the Upstate! 

(Greenville, SC, February 10, 2020) In its first year as a charter school, East Link Academy (ELA) accomplished what no other first-year charter school has done – it ranked #1 in the state based on state assessment results. As a public charter school, ELA students are required to participate in the State Department of Education’s SCREADY and SCPASS assessments. SCREADY is administered to students in grades 3-8 for English reading, writing and mathematics. SCPASS is administered to 4th grade students only for science. In its first year of state assessments, its students’ scores placed them #1 in the state for both traditional and charter elementary and middle schools, with 96.7% scoring met or exceed in English or math and 100% scoring met or exceed in science. In addition to earning an “Excellent” rating on its report card, ELA also received the State’s Palmetto Silver award.

"We are so excited for this recognition. Our mission is to provide a bilingual (Mandarin-English) education to non-native speakers and produce global leaders. So in a school where students spend at least half of their day in a Mandarin-speaking environment, for them to also make gains in their content classes is truly amazing. We focus on the individual learner and their needs, and with strong support from their families, students strive to achieve both academic and language proficiency, ' Dana Hutto, Head of School.   

You can find our report card here

See how we compare with other schools in the SCPCSD here.

School Supply Lists

        2020-2021 School Calendar
Updated to August 24 First Day
First 2 weeks are hybrid
Full schedule starts Sept 8
East Link Academy's Mission

The Mission of East Link Academy is to prepare students to be language and cultural links between the West and East in order to meet the global challenges of their lifetime, by providing a rigorous education in math, science, social studies and language arts in a bilingual English-Mandarin environment.

A charter school...

is a public nonreligious, nonhome-based school created under a nonprofit and authorized by an authorizing body under state law.  Charter Schools have more flexibility for greater accountability of student success. 

East Link Academy is..


  • the newest charter school in Greenville County

  • the only Chinese Immersion School in the Upstate

  • a link between eastern and western cultures



East Link is now open with 4k through

6th grade for the 2020-21 school year


and will add a grade each year until


8th grade.



East Link Academy

78 Global Drive, Suite 200

Greenville, SC 29607

Part of the Global Trade Park

Fax: 864-484-8171



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