Friday, Sept 24

4:30-7:00 pm

Call for Nominations

East Link Academy Board of Directors is accepting nominations for one (1) open elected seat to be filled by a parent/legal guardian of a current student. During the regular board election in the spring, one seat was left vacant. 

The governing board consists of 9 members, 4 appointed members and 5 elected members, as outlined in the South Carolina Charter Schools Act (SC Code of Laws Title 59, Chapter 40), as amended. Board directors are responsible for the long-term sustainability of the school.
East Link Academy seeks a diverse board with the skills needed to govern a public charter school.

Per law, at least 50% must have experience in business or kindergarten-high school education.

Per the East Link Academy Charter and Bylaws, "one Director must be either elected or appointed who is of Chinese cultural and linguistic (Mandarin) heritage, i.e., a person who has grown up in a Chinese family, whether in China, the US, or elsewhere, speaking Mandarin as their first-mother tongue and having a first-hand knowledge of Chinese culture." (Section 4.3c)
Interested candidates should complete the nomination form located here: https://forms.gle/Db9WCZVgTi95BQby9

East Link Academy: Highest Performing Elementary School in SC 

(Greenville, SC, February 10, 2020) In its first year as a charter school, East Link Academy (ELA) accomplished what no other first-year charter school has done – it ranked #1 in the state based on state assessment results. As a public charter school, ELA students are required to participate in the State Department of Education’s SCREADY and SCPASS assessments. SCREADY is administered to students in grades 3-8 for English reading, writing and mathematics. SCPASS is administered to 4th grade students only for science. In its first year of state assessments, its students’ scores placed them #1 in the state for both traditional and charter elementary and middle schools, with 96.7% scoring met or exceed in English or math and 100% scoring met or exceed in science. In addition to earning an “Excellent” rating on its report card, ELA also received the State’s Palmetto Silver award.

"We are so excited for this recognition. Our mission is to provide a bilingual (Mandarin-English) education to non-native speakers and produce global leaders. So in a school where students spend at least half of their day in a Mandarin-speaking environment, for them to also make gains in their content classes is truly amazing. We focus on the individual learner and their needs, and with strong support from their families, students strive to achieve both academic and language proficiency, ' Dana Hutto, Head of School.  

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78 Global Drive, Suite 200

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