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Our Preschool program provides a high-quality Mandarin Language immersion experience designed to develop each child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. We recognize that language is best learned through social interactions and meaningful activities. Our trained, caring teachers provide a stimulating, enriching environment and curriculum that immerses the children in Chinese language and culture. Children learn to speak Mandarin and are introduced to reading and writing simplified Chinese characters through music, art, math, science and literacy activities. Our program blends teacher directed and child-initiated activities; quiet and active projects; large group, small group and individual activities; and indoor and outdoor time. Throughout the day, our program supports the acquisition of Mandarin language literacy and culture through songs, poems, and stories. In addition, children develop language skills while exploring, observing and experimenting in science, math, art and dance. Children are also exposed to English language learning during a portion of their day.

Payment Options

There is a 5% discount if there is an additional sibling enrolled at ELA (any grade).
Families that meet state criteria are eligible for a reduced rate upon approval.
The full tuition rate is expected for the time frame until reduced status is confirmed.

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