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Immersion Programming

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Overview of the Average School Day

State law and regulations require that the length of the school day for primary/elementary and middle school students must be at least six hours, or its weekly equivalent, including lunch.

The school day starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:15 with pick up between 3:15 and 4:00.  During that 45 minutes of pick up time students can do homework, extra enrichment activities while waiting on aftercare to begin.  Aftercare is from 4:00 to 6:00 for a charge. 

4K through 1st Grade

Students in 4K through 1st Grade will begin the morning in homeroom with a Mandarin-speaking teacher. During this time students, will do their calendar work, community building exercises, and recite the pledge. The Mandarin-speaking teacher will teach science and math along with a designated time for Mandarin language arts where students learn and practice speaking and writing simplified Chinese characters. During the day, students will spend 90-minutes with an English-speaking teacher who will instruct reading, writing and language arts. Related arts time will include 45-minutes of art, dance, PE, music, or media, and where appropriate Mandarin-speaking teachers will instruct these classes.


2nd through 6th

Students in 2nd Grade through 6th will begin the morning in either an English or Mandarin homeroom where students will do their calendar work, community building exercise, and pledge. Teachers will work in two-person teams, one Mandarin-speaking and one English-speaking teacher. These two teachers will share their homeroom students. Students with Mandarin-speaking homeroom teachers will begin their day with Mandarin instructed subjects (math, science, and Mandarin language arts). Students with English-speaking teachers will begin their day with English instructed subjects (reading, writing, and social studies). Midway through the day students will switch between these two assigned teachers and receive the corresponding instruction. Related arts time will include 45-minute of art, dance, PE, music, and media and where appropriate Mandarin-speaking teachers will instruct these classes. Additionally, students in 3rd grade through 6th will learn science in a separate specialized laboratory classroom co-taught by Mandarin- and English-speaking teachers.

Middle School

In the middle grades, courses such as English Language Arts, Chinese Literacy, and Mathematics will meet every day. This schedule will allow for maximum exposure to the language so that students can achieve the goal of preparedness for AP and college level courses in Mandarin language and literacy proficiency. Our goal is for students to gain the highest proficiency they can upon program completion. Because we want the best for our students academically, the middle school day will be a little longer. 


Mandarin Immersion Parent Resources 

Here you will find  many useful articles, websites, video clips and books.

Asia Society Learning Initiatives


Click the link above to read about Immersion


Chinese Language: Learning in the Early Years


Click above for

A Handbook of Resources and Best Practices
for Mandarin Immersion from the Asia Society


Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina 


National Association of Charter Schools

Mandarin Immersion Parents Council
(from the author of A Parent's Guide to Mandarin Immersion, E. Weise shares information helpful to ease parents' concerns)


Immersion Classroom Examples

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